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About Us

Con Pak LLC. specializes in custom formulating, contract manufacturing and packaging of personal care products. We are centrally located in Bohemia, NY with access to major transportation routes, allowing us to readily bring in raw materials and ship out finished products without complication or delay

With cGMP procedures in mind, we designed and constructed our facility to allow for both large and small production runs. Our SOPs ensure congruity throughout all phases of manufacturing, from development to final packaging, while maintaining consistency among production runs.

The Research and Development lab is equipped to fulfill our customer’s requirements, whether they require full product development, current formula duplication, or product modification to keep up with current market trends

We use our Quality Control Department not only to verify product specifications, monitor lab sample and production batch stability, but also to establish and track scale-up methodologies between the R&D Lab and Production Department.

The Production Department is set up to utilize formulas supplied by our R&D Lab, our a customer, and manufacture production batches to meet established specifications and requirements. We have the capability to manufacture cold-process products (Shampoos, Scrubs, Mouthwashes) as well as those products requiring hot process manufacturing (Creams, Lotions, Conditioners). Our main production vessels, have variable speed controls to allow for precise manufacturing. These vessels are also mounted on load cells, which enables tight control and monitoring of ingredient weights, and material loss (especially water evaporation). The level of control in our production area, coupled with our instituted SOPs, ensure that only quality products are manufactured. Another asset our production department has is it’s close proximity to our packaging area and warehouse locations (both located in the same building). It is this centralized location that makes for our ability to both quickly stage batch ingredients (maintaining high production output) and allow for the packaging of warm and hot-fill products (lip balms, analgesics, and pomades).

At Con Pak, LLC. Customer satisfaction is our guiding principle. We look forward to creating a working relationship and striving for success. Let us know what we can do for you!